Improve Your College Campus Experience Using Wayfinding Signage

When it comes to getting around campus, the most effective way to direct your students is with wayfinding signage. This will save people time and energy as it helps them avoid getting lost both inside and outside of the campus. This is also a major safety improvement, as well as a boost to the overall user experience for individuals visiting your school. Plus, you can improve the college campus life with wayfinding signage by updating the aesthetics of the existing signs with digital signs for a more modern appeal. 

See what else you can do when you give your school campus the upgrade it deserves with Spectrum Sign Systems in Minnesota.

What to Expect With Wayfinding Signage

As a college campus, you have different expectations and needs for wayfinding signage. This includes identifying how many destinations or classrooms there are within a single building or structure. Most often for a college, you are looking at more than a dozen different destinations that must be clearly defined. You also have classrooms and labs that change professors on a routine basis—causing the need for frequent name sign updates. This is where digital signage provides the most economical solution. You can also utilize interior signs that allow for a more permanent solution but can be easily updated with our team of experts.

Not only do we help with different types of wayfinding signs, but we also help you highlight other areas of improvement you can make for your specific campus. We are experienced with the positioning of signs based on landscaping, exterior driving routes around campus, or parking ramps, all based on ADA compliance so you can protect your liability as well. We are also able to accommodate any special symbols and languages that you may need for your industry or location.

More Things to Consider

Whether you are new to choosing the right information and messages for wayfinding signage, or simply need a new update, we have you covered. Start with focusing on safety and improved campus experience. Here are some ideas to help you get started as you brainstorm ways to use signage that are unique to your school site.

Safety in Pedestrian Walkways

Safety is a high focus around most college campuses so we understand that maintaining the safety of your students, visitors, and staff at all times is a high priority. College campus wayfinding signs help you identify the way to the entrance, exit, and emergency lanes. This is critical for managing vehicle crowd control in a dangerous or chaotic moment. You are also required by law and insurance to maintain pedestrian walkways. Through the use of wayfinding signage—including digital message boards outdoors—you can provide vital information to everyone on campus.

This also goes for indoor safety as well, where signage is needed for exits, severe weather areas, fire escapes, and many others. We can help you identify the areas of your school where safety needs to be front and center in terms of priorities.

Improved Campus Experience


Your goal as a for-profit institution with accreditation is to provide a premium experience for all of the visitors and residents of your college. Otherwise, you are at risk of losing support from your school facilities. Join other local college campuses with finding a way to broadcast times, dates, and names of events along with directional tips and branded messages all in one place using university wayfinding signs. Get the attention of new students and parents visiting for the first time to leave the lasting impression your school deserves.

Digital signage also eliminates the waste of paper products needed to pass along information or for temporary signs. With an update to digital signs, you’d be able to toss out the outdated bulletin boards meant for sharing information campus-wide. This shows progression and organization, helping with the overall experience, improvement of student retention, and higher return rates through graduation, which is the bottom line for most university systems.

Whether you are researching the best solution for college wayfinding signs or your job is to order signage stat, we have a solution. Here at Spectrum Signs, our tools include everything you need for any sized project. This includes the initial site survey and signage design, as well as the sign fabrication and installation onsite for your school. Contact Spectrum Signs and start your sign project today.

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