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ADA Sign Requirements

The American Disability Act (ADA) was enacted to help and protect people with disabilities. The ADA has a set of standards that businesses must follow. If a business is not compliant with these laws, lawsuits and fines can occur.

ADA signage requirements help your customers navigate your parking lots and buildings.

ADA requirements can be complex. It's important that you understand the requirements and how to install and place ADA compliant signs at your business.

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Elevator Lobby signage with braille

Types of ADA compliant signs

  • Handicap parking and van accessible signs
  • Room identification signs - Examples: Restroom, Office, Conference Room
  • Directional signs with pictograms or icons – Examples: International symbols for Telephone, Hotel, Restroom, Parking
  • Informational signs – Examples: Employees Only, Authorized Personnel

Other areas where ADA signs are required:

  • Stairwells and emergency exit areas
  • Floor levels of buildings with more than three floors
  • Elevators and in case of fire signs
  • Parking and passenger loading areas
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Restroom ADA compliant sign with braille

ADA signs can be fun

Just because signs are ADA compliant doesn’t mean they can’t be fun and creative. Let our design team help you create ADA signage that matches the creative look and feel of your other signs.

ADA compliant wall sign with braille

ADA Sign Consulting Services

Spectrum Signs has an experienced consultation and survey team that can assist you in determining your ADA requirements. Our team stays on top of the latest requirements and has years of experience in meeting ADA requirements.

If you have an inspection coming up, need new signs or are unsure if the signs you have are compliant, give Spectrum a call today for a consultation to bring your property up to code with ADA compliant signage.

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Compliance or Regulatory Sign Requirements

Regulatory signs are required at various places around a building or facility.
Examples of compliance or regulatory signs:

  • Clearance heights for parking ramps
  • No smoking signs
  • Handicapped parking and tow-away signs
  • Construction safety signs 
  • HIPAA and patient rights information in healthcare facilities
  • Address numbers and numbering or labeling exterior doors
  • Bans Guns signs for building entrances
Ada compliant restroom wall sign with braille


I've worked with Spectrum Sign Systems multiple times over the years and will continue to use them in the future for my signage needs. I have always been impressed with their honesty, integrity, and thoroughness on projects. They do an excellent job of setting expectations and communicating throughout the project. Experience matters, and Spectrum has many years of success behind them which is evident in working with them leading to a great end-result. I would highly recommend!

-John Grabow, AIM Electronics

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