Wayfinding + Directional Signs

Wayfinding or directional signs help people get to where they are going.

Office buildings, shopping centers, university campuses, medical complexes, and industrial parks can be confusing places to navigate. When lost, people instinctively look for a sign to point them in the right direction.

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What is wayfinding?

Wayfinding is a series of signs laid out to lead people to their desired destination. A wayfinding sign package contains a variety of signs including directional signs, visual cues, directories, maps, and identification signs. Together, these signs help people navigate complex areas inside and outside your buildings.

A well-thought-out wayfinding plan leads your customers to their desired location as efficiently as possible and leads to a positive experience and a better impression of your company.

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How to create a wayfinding sign plan

Our team will conduct a thorough site survey to identify optimal sign placement for wayfinding.

Our survey team will:

  • Map out traffic flows by walking and driving customer routes
  • Identify key decision-making points to put signs and maps
  • Identify potential problems and propose solutions
  • Create a wayfinding plan that minimizes frustration and meets your goals
Wells Fargo Plaza wayfinding sign

Types of wayfinding signs

Wayfinding signage can take many forms, including:
  • Free-standing monument/pylon signs
  • Wall-mounted/on-building signage
  • LED illuminated signs
  • Canopy signs
  • Cabinet and projecting signs
  • Interior and exterior wayfinding signs
  • Interior branding
  • Directories
  • Floor graphics
Hospital wayfinding sign

Tips for placing wayfinding signs

  • Limit signs to only 3–4 destinations to limit clutter
  • Only list priority destinations
  • Place signs at important decision-making points
  • Make sure maps match signage

Remember to keep it simple! You don't want to overwhelm people with too much information. Wayfinding signage should be clean, easy to read, and consistent across the board. Our team will help make sure that your new wayfinding plan will keep people moving toward their destination.

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Wayfinding sign consulting services

If you're having difficulty creating a wayfinding plan, or you’re not really sure where to start, let us bring our years of experience to your project. We will work with you to determine the best wayfinding plan, both inside and out, that creates a great user experience for your customers.


I've worked with Spectrum Sign Systems multiple times over the years and will continue to use them in the future for my signage needs. I have always been impressed with their honesty, integrity, and thoroughness on projects. They do an excellent job of setting expectations and communicating throughout the project. Experience matters, and Spectrum has many years of success behind them which is evident in working with them leading to a great end-result. I would highly recommend!

-John Grabow, AIM Electronics

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