Industrial Property and Distribution Center Signage

As a developer or property manager, your industrial properties have unique signage needs. Warehouses, distribution centers, production facilities, and other industrial or commercial buildings require signage that helps build brand awareness for the property and tenants (and allows for efficient flow of deliveries).

We've collaborated with developers and property managers through all phases of construction as well as reworking existing signs on industrial properties. Find out why Spectrum Signs has been a trusted advisor for over 20 years.

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81N Industrial distribution center signage on building exterior

Unique industrial signage needs

Having worked with industrial clients for many years, we know your unique needs, including:

  • Highly visible development and tenant signage to bring customers and visitors to the right place
  • On-building signage that landmarks properties (especially for properties with multiple buildings)
  • Wayfinding signage to help customers find the front door and get delivery drivers to the loading dock
  • Dock and warehouse signs that help delivery drivers navigate both inside and out
  • Door signs and interior logo displays to help customers know they are in the right place
  • LED illuminated signs or reflective signs so that people can find their way even when its dark
Industrial - Monument - 610 Junction 2

Get custom signage for your buildings

We do all of the legwork, from scoping sign placement and analyzing traffic flow to researching city codes and complete sign packages. When you work with us, we break down the sign customization process into five easy steps so that you can stay focused on developing properties and finding tenants.
  1. We start by working with your team to understand the goals of your project and your branding guidelines.
  2. We conduct a thorough site survey looking for optimal sign placement for branding and wayfinding and research city codes.
  3. We create a design that meets your goals and put it all together in a complete sign package.
  4. Our project management team keeps everything moving smoothly and communicates timelines.
  5. Our fabrication team handcrafts your signs, and our installation team makes it all come together.

At the end of the project, our signs attract tenants and help create a stress-free experience for visitors and delivery people.

Ergotron exterior signage on building with semi trucks

Type of signs for industrial properties and distribution centers

Industrial complexes often require the following signage for their locations:

  • Free-standing monument/pylon signs
  • On-building signage
  • LED illuminated signs
  • Cabinet and projecting signs
  • Wayfinding signs
  • Interior branding
  • Directories
  • Room identification
  • ADA signage
  • Parking signage and ramps
  • Dock and warehouse signage
  • Address numbers

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Tips for industrial signage

We’ll bring our years of experience and advice to make your project a success, including:

  • Ways to minimize the penetrations into your buildings
  • How to simplify tenant changes  
  • How to minimize frustration by mapping out traffic flows and decision points on your property
  • Ways to refresh or reuse existing signage to save you money
  • Best practices for fonts and text to make signs highly readable
Industrial - Directional - 610 Junction copy


Spectrum Sign has been a great resource to bring to the table on the front end of the projects, with helping design the signage, mediate the city approval process, fabricating the signs in a timely fashion, and meeting the installation dates as promised.

-Duke Properties

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