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Great signage starts with understanding & communication

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Every sign starts with a conversation.

We start by listening to our clients’ goals and expectations. We’ll discuss:

  • What you want to accomplish?
  • What is the expected outcome?
  • What is the location like? stand alone building or multi-tenant? Historical district?
  • What Is the time frame and budget?

We ask lots of questions so we do our due diligence and really understand our clients' project. It’s a collaborative process and the outcome of that conversation guides the whole project and directs where we go next.

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We'll provide advice and guidance

With a clear understanding of what you want, we can bring our years of experience to provide advice and guidance on:

  • Brand and sign specification recommendations
  • Sign types that will work
  • Interior signage requirements
  • Exterior signage requirements
  • Placement
  • City codes
  • Site surveys at each location (link to site survey)
  • Estimating and budgeting projections
  • Engineering
  • Design and mock ups
  • Multi-site/city
  • Multi-tenant
  • Sign audit if multiple locations
  • Lighting and electrical needs
  • Best anchoring options
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Spectrum Design

We provide options to choose from

Based on this information, we will propose options that will meet your goals, vision, timeline and budget. Once you’ve made your decision, we will start designing mock-ups for you to choose from.

Signs are an investment, and we want to ensure that you are getting the most out of your money. Spectrum Signs consulting services ensure that projects whether big or small, one location or many, proceed smoothly and efficiently.

Spectrum Design Vinyl

Sign Design

The design experts at Spectrum Signs have designed everything from door vinyl to full coverage wall graphics to 50’ tall pylon signs. Not only does the design team create stunning designs, they also make sure the signs are functional for the end user.

The Vision

All design starts with a vision. During our consultation phase, we meet with the customer to determine exactly what type of sign they are looking for, how they want it to look and what the purpose of the signage is. We also collect any necessary brand information such as logo, fonts and colors. Then a survey is conducted to gather all the necessary site information. All this information is passed to our design team to begin design.

Spectrum Install Sign Face

From concept to fabrication

Our team of designers take into account the customer’s vision, brand guidelines, site information and the city code to create scaled renderings that accurately show the size of the sign, where it’s being placed and how it’s being built. They understand how to maximize visibility of the sign, including what size of characters will work best, site lines and color contrast off the building background. It’s extremely important that these designs convey the correct information not only to the customer, but to the city, fabricators and installation team, so there are no questions.

Once designs are approved, production files are created for the signs to be fabricated. All details are double checked and signed-off on prior to the sign being built.

Start a Consultation
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What to Expect on a Sign Rendering

  • Scaled dimensions including depth of letters or cabinets
  • Finish colors
  • Materials used
  • Sign placement on building
  • Site map with sign location including any setback requirements
  • Night view of LED illuminated signs at night
Close-up shot of interior building logo rendering

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We’ve worked on thousands of signs and can help bring your vision to life.

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