Why the Placement of Your Custom Business Sign Matters

You know the old real estate saying, "Location, location, location."  It stresses the importance of location when looking for property.  The same can be said for custom business signs.  If your business has the opportunity to choose where your sign is placed, it's important to take consideration of it's location. Having the correct location for your sign determines how visible it will be to the public.  There are a few different factors that can help determine placement of your custom business sign.

Sight LinesNorthfield Faribault Pylon Sign

One way we help our customers is by determining the best sight lines.  Placing the sign where there are no obstructed views helps increase the visibility of the sign.  This works for both on-building or free standing signs.  When surveying your location, we will drive past the building from different directions.  This will help find any potential obstacles that could block your sign.  Trees and landscaping are the main culprits when it comes to limiting visibility.  

Building Location

Is your building off a major highway or a smaller side street?  How far off the road is the building?  Can you see the building from the road?  These are questions that need to be asked when determining sign location.  Putting your sign in a place that fits the placement of your building is important for visibility.  For buildings off freeways, you'll often see businesses use tall pylon signs or large LED letter sets.  In a downtown setting you won't see many freestanding signs or large letter sets, because viewing distances are shorter. 

City Codes 

Of course everyone would love to make their sign bigger and bolder than the person next to them, but that's not the case.  City codes are in place to prevent signs from being placed anywhere and everywhere. Most cities have limitations on square footage, setbacks and sign heights that help determine where signs are placed and how large they can be.  So, gathering this information and taking advantage of the size and location that you are allowed is important.

Sight lines and building location should be front of mind when choosing your sign location.  The visibility is determined by the surrounding environment as well as the distance in which it needs to read.  It's also important to understand city codes so you utilize what you are allowed.  These are things we do on every project because we know the importance of maximizing visibility.  

Have questions on sign visibility?  Not sure what your city codes allow for signage?  Give us a call today and we can help you stand out!

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