Pylon Signs

You want drivers to notice your business, which means you need a sign that will attract attention from far away, giving motorists time to get over and pull into your business or to read and understand what the sign is advertising. The earlier you can grab the motorist’s attention, the better.

That’s where pylon signs come in. These freestanding signs are an effective way to market your business name, products, and services—especially in high traffic areas. A pylon sign will landmark the exterior of your company's location and help you rise above the competition.

Sometimes referred to as highway or road signs, pylon signs often feature one large lightbox to showcase your company’s name and logo. While pylon signs used for shopping centers, on the other hand, are made for multi-tenant use with each tenant’s logo featured.

Types of Custom Pylon Sign Mounts

Depending on your business needs and zoning/city ordinances, your custom pylon sign can be mounted in a few different ways.

  • Single pole: The traditional pylon sign, ideal for high-rise applications of 25–40 feet high for long-distance visibility.

  • Twin pole: Cabinet sign with two poles on either side. This type is used with design in mind or when the look of two poles is preferred to that of a single pole.

  • Covered pole: Your pole can be covered with an attractive wrap to provide added dimension (and impact!) to your sign. The cover can be designed and built to almost any shape for a one-of-a-kind look that complements the sign’s surroundings.

Like most of your other signage, check local city and township ordinances for height and size restrictions (or just ask us and we’ll be happy to find out for you!).

Pylon Sign example at lexington station, minnesota

Customizable Pylon Sign Enhancements

You can make your pylon sign truly unique while making a bigger impact. Get more bang for your buck and improve the visibility and versatility of your pylon sign through custom design choices.

  • Internally Illuminated Cabinet: Usually made in a rectangular box shape (although the shape can usually be customized as well), internally illuminated cabinets feature a translucent face panel with your name and logo. Either single-sided or double-sided, lightboxes help alert people in search of your business or just passing by. Internal illumination with LEDs highlights your business or organization day and night.

  • External lighting: While pylon signs are usually illuminated from within, some businesses prefer to add spotlights on the ground or affixed to the sign itself to better showcase the sign.

  • LED electronic message boards: While your pylon sign brilliantly displays your name and branding, you can add an electronic message board to promote sales, new inventory, special events, and more.

Advantages of Pylon Signage

One of the biggest advantages of a custom pylon sign lies in the fact that there is flexibility (to a degree) on where it’s placed.  You have the ability to determine the best placement for the sign by finding sightlines that work for your benefit. Setbacks will dictate the placement back from the property line but there are still options on position.  Because of this freestanding advantage, combined with height, size, and illumination, pylon signs generate a larger number of exposures to potential visitors than other signage.

Plus, because a pylon sign is freestanding, it allows for greater freedom in the design with decorative shapes, vibrant colors, dramatic architectural elements, and other unique, memorable features.

Even more than direct advertising, your pylon sign can pull double-duty with indirect advertising and act as a landmark. When motorists are giving directions, they’ll often use landmarks, telling people to “turn right when you pass [fill in your business name here].” Which means your name and brand becomes familiar and trustworthy as people are passing through, which is something you can’t put a price tag on.

That being said, pylon signs come with great economical value as a one-time expenditure. After the one-time cost of design, manufacturing, and installation, you’re able to reap the benefits long after everything is said and done. The closest relative to a pylon sign is a billboard, which comes with recurring monthly costs that can add up faster than you can imagine. Occasionally, you might decide to make minor improvements or maintenance to your pylon sign, but these costs are minimal compared to monthly billboard rentals.

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