Custom Business Signs vs. Other Advertisements

With businesses fighting for consumers’ attention each day, it’s harder than ever to get them to notice your business. Other tactics like TV commercials, newspaper ads and banners don’t compare to the tried and true method of custom business signs. Here’s why:

1. They’re Cost-Effective

Signs are one of the most cost-effective forms of advertising. Even though the upfront cost of custom signage can be more than other forms of advertisement, a sign will pay for itself many times over throughout its lifetime. Think about it. If you spend $5,000 on a sign and it lasts 10 years, you’ll spend $41.67 each month. If your sign were to attract one person each month and they spend at least $41.67 at your place of business, the sign will pay for itself.

2. They Have Longevity

For other forms of advertisements, you’ll pay over and over again to keep showing the same ad. But a sign is an advertisement that people can see 24/7, for years on end with proper care and maintenance. A custom sign especially has longevity, because the materials used will be set to your specifications, and built to battle with the elements in your climate. Generally, you’ll want to refurbish your sign after 5-7 years and potentially replace it after 10-15 years, but it’s not uncommon to have your sign last much longer, depending on the quality and how well it was maintained. The upkeep of a sign over a decade doesn’t even compare to the cost of showing an ad on TV over and over again for the same amount of time.

Sign-5-232x3003. They Direct

Good signage should tell people where they are, where they’re going and how to get there. A pylon sign is visible from far away, which can help guide visitors in from the highway. A monument sign can help guide those looking for your business, or impulse shoppers in the area. In the case of wayfinding signs, it can direct around your business. If you have multiple buildings or branches, they can show your visitors where each one is, avoiding confusion and frustration. This is especially helpful with hospitals, as visitors are usually in distress when navigating a hospital campus.

4. They Attract Impulse Shoppers

Signs can attract shoppers who weren’t intending to shop at your business. A study by FedEx said 76% of consumers have entered a store or business they’ve never been in before, based simply on its signs. This is because 68% of respondents also said they could tell the quality of the store’s products or services by the quality of the sign, with 52% saying they’re less willing to enter a store with misspelled or poorly-made signs. When people are out and about, they’re willing to stop in if they see a sign that intrigues them.

5. They’re Dependable

Advertising tactics come and go with time. TV commercials are less effective, because of the invention of DVRs, and physical newspaper readership has gone down due to the Internet. For example, in a study by cable equipment maker Arris, 84% of those surveyed said they want to fast-forward through ads, and more than half want to skip ads at least half the time they watch TV. This shift in consumer’s attention shows the value in other marketing methods. Signs have stood the test of time, and will continue to be a great advertising tool for every business for decades to come.

6. They Use New Technology

Digital signage is becoming ubiquitous among businesses. With digital signage, you can change your message whenever you want, therefore having a dynamic advertisement right outside of your store. You can advertise sales and discounts, or new product releases—another way you can attract new customers. Think about it, if you have a sign facing the highway, a motorist only has a few seconds to comprehend your message. On a street where everyone’s going 45 mph, a motorist 500 feet away will only have 7.6 seconds to understand your message, therefore, your sign needs to be conspicuous to catch the attention of passerby. Digital signage can do just that, with bright colors and movement.

7. They’re Timely

With TV commercials or newspaper ads, a consumer can just move past or tune them out on the way to the content they came for. With signs, your potential customer is seeing them while they’re driving or walking, when they (hopefully!) aren’t distracted by other content. Especially if they drive or walk by your place of business often, repeated impressions from your sign will stick in their mind.

So next time you decide on your marketing budget, think about getting a custom sign done or refreshed. There’s many benefits to a custom sign, instead of spending money on an advertisement that will be gone in a day.

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