Interior Signage & Logo Displays

Interior displays are entirely custom—let your imagination run wild! If you can dream it, we can build it. The essence of the design can be captured with the choice of natural metals or painted finishes. Using only state-of-the-art fabrication techniques, our three-dimensional logo and letter displays become the focal point of your reception area, board room, or showroom.

Logos displayed on lobby and conference room walls, mission statements, and identification are only a few of the popular choices for custom interior signage displays. We use materials like acrylics, metals, decorative fasteners, LED lighting, and more to create one-of-a-kind custom interior signage with a professional touch.

Whether you’re looking for indoor signs, wall displays, dimensional lettering, or logo plaques, we can design a solution that achieves your marketing goals while generating a positive first impression for your visitors.

The Importance of Custom Interior Signage & Logo Displays

Bring your signage inside and maintain a cohesive customer experience with a visual display that conveys your branding and message while enhancing your interior environment.

In fact, the signs you mount on your walls inside are just as important (and influential) as the signs you display outdoors. Let your visitors know they can trust you with customized interior displays that create a professional atmosphere which highlights your brand.

Regardless of industry, from the medical or financial sector to schools and retail, everyone could benefit from this type of marker. While the need for custom interior signage is universal, be assured that no two signs are alike. Your business will stand apart from the pack, since you can customize the actual look to be as unique as you and your company.


Creating Your Custom Signage to Enhance Your Interior Space

Whether you’ve already sketched out your ideas or you’re starting from scratch, we work with you to make sure your custom interior signage and logo display matches the look and feel of your space. Ultimately, we want your markers to enhance your space, not detract from or clash with your existing décor.

Once we’ve settled on a design to showcase your brand, we’ll get to work. Your material choice selection can convey your brand’s message without even saying a word—so carefully consider the look and feel you want to achieve. Whether a sleek, corporate look is what you’re after, or a colorful, vibrant approach is more your style, the perfect custom signs can help you achieve it. And, the good news: a variety of materials in different shapes and sizes are available to you.

Acrylic, PVC, laser-engraved metal, and 3-D lettering are by far the most common materials for custom indoor signs. Regardless of your choice, every sign at Spectrum is skillfully fabricated utilizing only the highest quality materials, processes, and finishes that keep your sign looking good for years to come. Interior Logo Display
I would highly recommend Spectrum Signs to any business that needs any kinds of signs, whether it's exterior, interior, small, or large. Their skill, their knowledge, their quality, and their customer service was beyond what we had ever experienced before.
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Having too many wayfinding signs can be
just as detrimental as having too few.

To strike the right balance and provide the best experience for your visitors,
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