Custom Signs That Enhance Your Brand (Part 3)

Custom Signs Using Unique Materials

In the two previous posts, we used examples that show how custom shapes and lighting can help elevate the design of your signage.  In this post we will demonstrate how custom materials can be used for outdoor signage.  Below are a few examples we feel create unique effects that separate themselves from typical signs.


Braemar Office Park - Corten Steel

The cabinet for this monument sign was fabricated out of corten steel.  Corten steel is a unique material because it is intentionally given an oxidized finish.  The steel is washed in salt water which starts the process.  Once the desired level of patina is reached, a clear coat is applied to stop the oxidation.  

The logo letter set is fabricated out of stainless steel and has a brushed finish.  It has white LEDs which provide halo-illumination.  The tenant panels are painted matte black and are interchangeable for moving new tenants on the sign.  


Como Commons - Corrugated Metal

For this monument sign the customer wanted to have an industrial look.  We used corrugated metal as the sign background and painted it metallic silver.  The corrugated metal really brings another dimension to the sign.  The tenant identification panels are painted aluminum and have decorative pucks for attachment to the sign. 



Elk River Handke Center - Field Stone Base

Who says masonry bases only have to be brick or block?  We designed this monument sign base with field stone and a precast cap.  The field stone provides an architectural element that seperates itself from other signs.  We always use real stone, not the fake foam that cracks after one winter. This monument sign also features a full color message display which is used to communicate custom messages to the community about upcoming events.

Custom signage come in all different sizes, shapes and colors.  The trick is to use all of these elements to your advantage, so your business sign stands out for all the right reasons.  Our process helps us create a custom sign that complies with city codes, enhances your brand and separates you from the competition.  If you're looking for a custom sign, whether you're in the beginning stages or ready to make a decision, contact Spectrum Signs today.  

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