Wall-Mounted Cabinet Signs

Cabinet signs, also referred to as “wall” or “box” signs, a general term for the traditional wall-mounted sign that’s hollow, like a box, or “cabinet.” That hollow frame is built out to either house lights and electrical connections, or provide depth and stability for your sign.

Although they’re generally thought of as being rectangular in shape, you have the freedom to customize your cabinet sign to fit your needs. They can be illuminated or not, and come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and sign face constructions, which makes them a powerful option to display full-color graphics that will bring customers in the front door.

These signs affordably allow you to display graphics and branding for passing visitors. We work with businesses to create durable, attractive cabinet signs to make your location stand out. Wall-mounted on the outside of your building, cabinet signs work exceptionally well for stores, hotels, restaurants, offices, churches, schools, and more.

Benefits of Custom Wall-Mounted Cabinet Signs

Lighted cabinet signs are so popular because they have numerous benefits. It goes without saying that a well-placed cabinet sign will draw attention to your brand and location, but business owners love them for many other reasons too.

Drive Brand Awareness

The first step to getting customers in your door is to let them know you’re there. Cabinet signs easily combine your logo, colors, and branding into recognizable signage. Whether you go with the traditional rectangular box shape or go for something more customized, like the shape of your logo, cabinet signs are one of the more cost-effective options to start driving brand awareness.


Cabinet Signs Can Be Highly Customized

Why stick with an out-of-the-box sign when you’re not an out-of-the-box business? Customize your cabinet signs to represent your brand. During the consultation and design process, you can play around with the size, colors, materials, shape, illumination, and much more.


Central Park Commons - LED Wall Sign 1

Durable, Quality Materials

Cabinet bodies and frames are primarily made of high-quality aluminum to prevent rusting and can have both polycarbonate and aluminum faces. Polycarbonate faces keep their true color even in the elements, so it stays vibrant for years to come. Aluminum faces provide a rigid background that can be used to attached raised lettering or even routed for an illuminated option.

Kinderberry Hill - Wall Mount Cabinet-1

Cabinet Signs Transition from Day to Night

With the customized, durable sign face, your design is sure to be seen in sunlight. Illuminate your sign and your business will easily be spotted in the dark. If you want to make sure that your business is seen, take advantage of all the benefits that illuminated cabinet signs have to offer.

We handle every necessary step of the process, including getting any permits or working with your landlord to comply with any restrictions. You’re involved every step of the way to properly incorporate your branding in your custom cabinet sign designs. Talk to one of our experts to start planning your custom cabinet sign.

Marguerite Bakery Cabinet Night
Our experience working with Rick and his team was nothing short of fantastic. I'd recommend Spectrum Signs for their quality, experience, and their responsiveness. I think it's unmatched in the industry.
Testimonial from Michael Morris, Director of Business Development at St. Francis Regional Medial Center

Michael Morris Director of Business Development
St. Francis Regional Medical Center


Having too many wayfinding signs can be
just as detrimental as having too few.

To strike the right balance and provide the best experience for your visitors,
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