The Fillmore Minneapolis

Minneapolis, MN

Sign Package: Interior logo showcase, digital display, LED lighted signs, dimensional letters

Industry: Entertainment


The Fillmore originated in San Francisco in 1952, and was known for its highly creative and unique atmosphere. When everyone from James Brown to The Grateful Dead are performing on your stages, you know something special is happening. There are currently 9 locations nationally including the aforementioned Minneapolis venue.

This project was a highlight for us because it featured a few different unique sign builds.

First, we created an amazing interior sign to showcase their logo. The LED face illuminated channel letters were attached to a fabricated steel grid structure. The steel grid was manufactured in five separate sections and stacked together on-site. Concealing all of the electrical wiring within the grid was a challenge. The grid doesn't provide much coverage for the wiring, so we had to be strategic with how and where the wiring was placed. There is also a unique back-lighting element with programmed effects that was installed by another partner. It adds dimension, and ties the overall look together nicely.

Next, they wanted a LED digital display that wrapped the corner of the building. This was custom built with mitered corners so the display would be seamless at the intersection. This allows the display to look like one complete unit, instead of two separate cabinets. Coordination with the general contractor and architect was a must because the building was still under construction while the signs were being fabricated. We needed to make sure the sizing of the displays and the opening left in the building was perfect to allow for a smooth transition from the bottom of the sign to the wood paneling.

Lastly, the customer wanted the main identification signs to look like neon, which was very popular in the 70's and 80's. To get the look of neon, we used LED flex tubing to mimic the shape and contours that you would see with neon. We also left the front face of the sign open so the LED tubing would be visible. The logo is externally illuminated, meaning it has light pointed at it rather than the light shining from an internal source. The graphics are digitally printed with a UV overlaminate for longevity.

Nothing was standard, or off-the-shelf with this job. Everything was custom built and required a substantial amount of coordination with the architect, contractors, engineers and the end user to make sure all the pieces fit in place as they should.

We are extremely proud of how this project turned out and are looking forward to enjoying some live music in the near future!

Project Highlights
  • Goal was to create some unique signs that showcased the unique atmosphere of the Fillmore.
  • Created a showstopper interior logo that had channel letters fabricated on a steel grid
  • Custom built digital display that wrapped around a 90 degree corner so that it would appear to be seamless at the intersection allowing the display to look like one complete unit.
  • Wanted a neon look for identification signs
  • Everything was custom built

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