MidWestOne Bank

20+ locations throughout Minnesota and Wisconsin

Sign Package: Monument signs, pylon signs, interior logo display, LED illuminated letter sets, above door dimensional letters, wayfinding / directional signs, vinyl door and window graphics, directories

Industry: Financial

Financial - LED Letters - MidwestOne Bank 2 1100x430

MidWestOne Bank purchased Central Bank which required rebranding 20+ locations in Minnesota and Western Wisconsin. Spectrum Signs was chosen to complete the interior and exterior rebrand.

Rebranding Project

At the beginning of the project, Spectrum Sign Systems met with them to understand their needs. The goals were to rebrand all locations with new wall signs, refacing of existing freestanding signs, updating directional signs, applying new hours vinyl and installing interior logo displays.

The rebrand was a major project consisting of the removal of signs, repair work, refurbishing signs and designing and installing new signs at over 20 locations.

Because of the number of locations, MidWestOne Bank provided us with a schedule that was prioritized and included a timeline of completion.

Project management keeps things on schedule
We conducted site surveys at each branch to assess what needed to be done. Since we were working in multiple cities, we connected with each of the city offices to verify sign codes. We wanted to make sure that the signs that were being proposed would be allowed by the city. Every location had different sign types and requirements that needed to be followed.

We created a sign inventory and a detailed plan including city code requirements for each location. The project included an extensive amount of exterior wall repair work which required a great deal of coordination and took several weeks to complete.

Our project management team created a detailed schedule to ensure everything would be completed in a timely manner, and would cause the least amount of disruption for their customers. They communicated these timelines with the MidWestOne Bank team.

Reusing existing signs

We were able to reuse the existing monument and pylon structures by refacing and repainting them and installing new faces.

They had a lot of glass plaques that needed to be replaced. To save time and money on wall repair work, we took all the existing glass plaques and matched the mounting holes. Then we created new glass plaques reusing the mounting hardware, and installed them into the wall using the existing holes. This saved considerable time on repair work.

We also retrofit existing lighted signs with new energy efficient, low maintenance LED lighting.

New custom work

The project also included new custom signs including a new multi-layered logo and mission statement sign using tempered glass. The backside of the glass uses etched vinyl to create the 'hills' graphic from the logo. The frontside of the glass uses flat cut acrylic letters to create the logo and the mission statement.

Type of new custom signs

  • New exterior LED lighted channel letter sets
  • New faces in existing pylon and monument
  • New interior logo displays
  • New hours vinyl with logo graphic
  • New above door letter sets

The successful completion of this big project has led to a continued partnership with MidWestOne Bank.

Project Highlights
  • Rebrand after bank merger
  • 20+ locations throughout Minnesota and Wisconsin
  • Reused existing sign structures by refacing and repainting
  • Designed and installed new signs
  • Project management team kept things on schedule for large project

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