Expedition Credit Union

Apple Valley, Coon Rapids

Sign Package: On-building LED face illuminated letter sets, pylon signs, cabinet signs, wayfinding / directional signs

Industry: Financial


Expedition Credit Union, formerly United Educators Credit union, was looking to rebrand their locations across the Twin Cities. The rebrand included a new name and a whole new look and color scheme. Expedition Credit Union chose Spectrum Sign Systems to help implement this total rebrand.

Understanding the goals is the key to a successful project

Spectrum Sign Systems met with Expedition Credit Union to understand the scope of the project and their needs. Expedition Credit Union selected some vibrant colors for their new brand and were looking for advice on how best to showcase their new look.

We were excited to help them bring this fresh new look to their locations with new on-building signage and reusing existing sign structures where possible.

We conducted site surveys at each branch to assess what needed to be done as each location had different needs. We laid out the best size and lighting for the new signs. Because the signs needed to be seen from a distance and at night, we recommended 3 ft by 15 ft LED face illuminated channel letter sets for their on-building signage.
To anchor the signs to the building, we suggested the letters be remote mounted to give the letters and logo a clean look against the wall background.

Save money by refacing existing signage

We were able to save them money by refacing and repainting many existing sign structures. Each location had a different size pylon sign that we were able to reface, as well as sand, prime and repaint the existing cabinets. There were also multiple wayfinding and directional signs that needed refurbishing. These were also sanded, primed and repainted to match the new color scheme.

Project management keeps things on schedule

The challenge with a rebrand is launching everything at the same time so you don’t have old logos up in one place and new ones in another. This can be confusing for customers.

Our project management team created a plan for Expedition Credit Union that minimized the impact on customers. Once designs were approved and production completed, the installation team jumped into action and finished off the job within a week, creating a seamless and hassle-free experience for the client.

Project Highlights
  • Complete name change, new look and new color scheme after rebrand 
  • Signs needed to be installed quickly so as not to cause confusion for customers
  • Project management team kept things on schedule with minimal impact to customers
  • Designed new on-building signage using LED face illuminated letter sets
  • Reused existing sign structures by refacing and repainting

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