Centennial Shops

Edina, MN

Sign Package: Parking ramp clearance structure, clearance bars, wayfinding and directional signage, ADA signage, on building dimensional letters, projecting signs

Industry: Retail

Retail - Directional Sign - Centennial Shops 1100x430

The Problem

Centennial Shops, a popular retail center in Edina, has very limited parking in their parking lot. They have a large parking ramp, but people didn’t know about it or had a hard time finding the parking ramp. This was causing frustrated customers who couldn’t find a parking spot to go into the businesses.

During our on site survey, we watched the traffic flow and sketched out points on the property where people were making decisions about where to park. We were able to see what the problems were and come up with a solution that included decision making points, site lines and city ordinances.

The Solution

We designed a wayfinding path so that people could find the parking ramp when the limited parking lot was full. We also created a giant clearance structure to identify the parking ramp entrance. We also did all of the directional signage in the ramp.

Types of signs included:

  • Parking ramp entrance clearance structure
  • Wayfinding for parking ramp entrance
  • Wayfinding to exits, elevators, color coded for each level
  • Elevator and stairs signage, color coded for each level
  • Clearance bars
  • Handicap parking
  • Limited timed parking
  • On building signage
  • Projected signs

Where possible, we reused existing sign structures, giving them a more readable font with an increased type size.

Satisfied Customers and Tenants

The new signage helped people find the parking ramp when the parking lot was full. This decreased congestion, leading to a better shopping experience for their customers. The end result led to satisfied customers and tenants.

  • Busy retail center had a limited parking lot
    People didn’t know there was a parking ramp or couldn’t find it
  • New wayfinding path mapped out to parking ramp entrance
  • Large parking ramp entrance clearance structure created
  • Wayfinding to exits, elevators, color coded for each level

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