The Archive Shines in Minneapolis

North Loop, Minneapolis, MN

Sign Package: LED Face Illuminated Signs with neon look, Projecting Signs, ADA signage, Identification signs

Industry: Residential, Mixed Use Retail


Spectrum and Solhem have worked together on several building projects in Minneapolis. The relationship is a great fit as both companies value creativity and out of the box thinking. Located in the North Loop, the Archive building is an excellent example of that collaboration. Solhem designed the mixed-use building featuring living spaces on the upper floors and commercial space at ground level. The building’s edgy style called for distinctive and creative signs both on the exterior and interior.

The exterior is highlighted by a spectacular rooftop letter set with 5 foot high, open faced channel letters. The white LED Flexibrite tube lighting inside the letters give the vintage neon look that Solhem wanted while burning longer, being more energy efficient than neon and holding up to Minnesota’s harsh winters. Spectrum worked closely with the general contractor, Ironmark Building Company and the steel fabricator, who created the roof support grid that the sign is mounted on.

A 19 foot three sided projecting sign in the shape of a pencil adorns a corner of the building. The black and silver sign with white push through letters is illuminated by high intensity white LEDs and the perimeter is wrapped with LED tubing that continues the vintage theme that Solhem envisioned.

For the retail signage, Spectrum created non-illuminated black round projecting signs that match the design of the building and will get vinyl graphics as new tenants are added.

For the interior signage, Sohem wanted something different. Spectrum worked with Solhem’s creative group to bring to life the inventive room identification signs which have a custom shape that mimics old school hotel key chains with a diamond shape and a little hole punched through the top. Each floor has its own unique pictogram image. The interior signage also featured unique pictograms on the over 400 ADA, room identification, and code related signs. Spectrum fabricated matte black signs with brushed aluminum raised graphics for the pictograms.

Spectrum values its partnerships and understands the value of flexibility, working collaboratively, and sharing a vision to produce outstanding results.

Project Highlight
  • Buildings edgy style called for called for distinctive and creative signs
  • Spectacular rooftop letter set with 5’ high open faced channel letters
  • Designed to give vintage neon look
  • 19’ projecting sign designed to look like a pencil
  • Interior identification signs were designed to look like old hotel key chains
  • Unique pictogram ADA signage

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