Arbor Lakes Business Park

Maple Grove, MN

Sign Package: Two monument signs, regulatory and compliance, ADA signs, vinyl

Industry: Industrial


Arbor Lakes Business Park is a 5-acre industrial development located in Maple Grove, Minnesota. Duke Realty developed the property and reached out to us to design monument signs for the perimeter of the development. They wanted an elevated look to the signs and also wanted to be sure to tie into the masonry element of the building.

Bringing the design together

The stone on the building played a large role in the overall design of the signs. We designed one of the monument sign bases as a full base with columns on each side of the monument cabinet. The smaller of the two signs was designed as a full base without the columns.

We kept the design on the face of the monument pretty simple. The graphics are routed aluminum with acrylic push thru and perforated vinyl film. This gives the copy the appearance of black during the day, and white at night.

A two-step aluminum cap was also used to introduce a darker color to the overall design as well as give some depth and another architectural element to the sign.

Get those utilities located

Any time we plan on digging is the time we get utilities located. And this time wasn’t any different. Because this is a newer development in an area that has seen a tremendous amount of growth in the last couple years, we knew utilities would be everywhere.

Part of our application for sign permits includes a scaled site plan with exact sign placement. With the site plan and the utilities marked, we were able to determine that the larger of the two monument signs had utilities running underground. So we had to make an adjustment on our placement to avoid utilities but still place the sign in an area where it would be highly visible.

The full sign package

The monument signs were the focal part of the overall sign package but we also installed:

  • Custom address numbers for both buildings which include the Duke Realty logo
  • Handicap parking signs in concrete bollards
  • Stop signs
  • No trucks signs
  • Dock numbers
  • Door vinyl

Another one in the books

We’ve worked with Duke Realty on a large portion of their Minnesota portfolio. Duke Realty has been an excellent partner for over 20 years, and still continues to be.

Project Highlight
  • Design, fabricate and install two new monument signs
  • Design, fabricate and install directional sign package for 3-building development
  • Dig and set concrete footings and steel pole for monuments
  • Match building color for painted finish on signs
  • ­Multiple design mockups
  • Research of city codes

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