610 Junction

Brooklyn Park, MN

Sign Package: Main ID monument sign, multi-tenant monument sign, directional signs

Industry: Industrial


610 Junction is a three building business park in Brooklyn Park. Developed by United Properties, the site is an ideal location for manufacturing and distribution. This means a lot of deliveries, pick-ups and truck traffic in general.

We were tasked with creating a monument sign to serve as the development identification, a multi-tenant monument sign, address numbers for the buildings and directional signs for visitors and trucks.

Landmark the development

Instead of just using a standard font for the development name, we wanted to tweak the design. Taking the name ‘610 Junction’ we used the ‘0’ to create a point for the roads to meet, or a junction. The sign is non-illuminated, and the sign face is aluminum with vinyl film used for the graphics. The monument is placed in a way to highlight the main entrance for the development.

Directing traffic

One of the challenges with developments like this is getting truck traffic and visitor traffic to the correct areas. We designed easy to read directional signs and no trucks signs and placed them at decision points to ensure the correct traffic was getting to their intended destination. The sign poles and body were painted to match colors picked from the building.

The full sign package

The monument signs were the focal part of the overall sign package but we also installed:

  • Custom address numbers for all three buildings
  • No trucks signs
  • Dock numbers
  • Door vinyl

An excellent partnership

We’ve worked with United Properties on many projects over the years and we continue to work with them on their new development portfolio.

Project Highlight
  • Design, fabricate and install two new monument signs
  • Design, fabricate and install directional sign package for 3-building development
  • Dig and set concrete footings and steel pole for monuments
  • Match building color for painted finish on signs
  • ­Multiple design mockups
  • Research of city codes

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