Healthcare Signs for a Stress-Free Patient Experience

Uniform brand identity is essential for patients and visitors to recognize that they will receive consistent care and a positive experience at each location. Working with hospitals, medical centers, and clinics to develop high quality custom signs, Spectrum is familiar with the nuances of medical office signage. We’ve produced many healthcare signs throughout Minnesota and Wisconsin to bring you the customer service you deserve. Our focus is maximizing brand visibility, landmarking primary and acute care entrances, and providing informative signage for a positive patient experience.

Hospital Wayfinding Signs

It is key for any medical facility to have wayfinding signs to direct patients and personnel during emergency situations. Make stressful moments less worrisome with directional signs guiding patients toward the emergency room, the main entrance, clinic, and more. We understand how critical readability, sign placement, and font selection is and will manage the entire process to provide your facility with hospital wayfinding signs that ensure your visitors, patients, and staff are safe.

The Patient Experience

Bring a positive branding experience to all patients and visitors. Not only are wayfinding signs crucial, but so is effective signage that promotes your healthcare facility’s brand. Brandish your signs with your logo when there are multiple entrances, highlight emergency information in red vinyl for visibility in both the daytime and at night, create informational medical office signs while staying within brand guidelines—Spectrum provides guidance in identifying the best course of signage for your hospital or clinic.

  • Blaine Medical Center LED Face Illuminated Letters
  • Multicare Associates Wall Plaque
  • St. Francis Regional Medical Center Directional Monument Sign
  • St. Francis Regional Medical Center Directional Sign
  • St. Francis Regional Medical Center Wall Mount Cabinet
  • LED Face Illuminated Letters Summit Ortho.jpg
  • St. Francis Regional Medical Center Monument Sign
  • North Memorial Urgency Center Wall Plaque
  • St Francis Regional Medical Center Directional Sign
  • Roseville Medical & Dental Pylon.jpg
  • Example of interior medical signage
  • Example of medical logo signage
  • Example of LED lighting used in medical signs
  • Example of hospital signs developed by Spectrum Signs
  • Custom wayfinding hospital signs
Our experience working with Rick and his team was nothing short of fantastic. I'd recommend Spectrum Signs for their quality, experience, and their responsiveness. I think it's unmatched in the industry.
Michael Morris, St. Francis Regional Medical Center

Michael Morris Director of Business Development
St. Francis Regional Medical Center

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