Financial Signs that Projects Honesty and Brand Identity

Financial institutions have a lot of pressure to be upright establishments within their communities. Customers must trust them arguably more so than other businesses. That is why Spectrum Signs aides clients through initial site survey, design, fabrication, installation, and finally maintenance to make sure every bank sign conjures trust while maintaining brand recognition.

Exterior Bank Branding

Exterior branding is essential for banks and credit unions especially when there are multiple branches. Having brand recognition in the financial industry allows customers to find their bank even when they are in an unfamiliar area. Your bank’s monument signs or pylon signs, drive through window signs, and more should all be uniform for the ultimate customer experience.

Convey Trust

Maintaining a professional look and feel with your custom financial signage instills trust in your customers. After all, customers are coming to your establishment to deposit their hard-earned money. When your custom bank sign presents a clean and consistent signage throughout the branches, it presents assurance in the company customers are looking to work with.

  • First National Bank office building sign
  • Affinity Plus Federal Credit Union Monument Sign
  • Affinity Plus Federal Credit Union wall Mount Plaques
  • Home Town Bank LED Face Illuminated Letters Sign
  • Home Town Bank Industrial Sign
  • Ideal Credit Union Large Monument Sign
  • Ideal Credit Union Bank Monument Sign
  • Ideal Credit Union LED Face Illuminated Letters Sign
  • Ideal Credit Union LED Illuminated Letters Sign
  • Affinity Plus Federal Credit Union Wayfinding Sign
Spectrum offers innovations and creative ideas to get your signs noticed, as well as go above and beyond in terms of getting the job done.
Susan Grieman, Affinity Plus Credit Union

Susan Grieman Marketing Coordinator
Affinity Plus Federal Credit Union

Case Study

Custom Bank Signs for Affinity Plus Roseville.

Affinity Plus came to Spectrum Signs wishing to increase the visibility of the Affinity Plus brand while maintaining a professional look.A new Illuminated pylon sign with electronic message center, an LED illuminated logo and letter set and a complete wayfinding system are the focal points of this bank sign package.

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Affinity Plus custom bank monument sign