Custom Designed Indoor & Outdoor Signs 


Boldly Designed, Better for Business

With over 60 years of combined experience, the experts at Spectrum have designed beautiful and functional signs that have gained attention and driven results for businesses in the Minneapolis and St. Paul area. Here’s how we do it.


Vision in Mind

Once an initial consultation and an on-site survey have been conducted, we tie together our rigorous due diligence with an educated design, not guess work.

We factor in sight-lines and sign placement, we consider company branding with input from your team, we assess the usage of LED lighting—all before creating concepts for your sign.

Because truly unique and memorable signs are created when a clear vision is in mind.


From Concept

Our in-house design experts concept your sign using architectural drafting software to present your team with a clear picture of what it will look like in your office, on your building, or standing next to it. A custom sign is an investment, we eliminate surprises up front by giving you the information you need.


To Fabrication

Since our in-house team can bring a sign from concept to creation, no detail is lost in translation when fabricators receive finalized designs and start their work. It's an advantage knowing that all t's have been crossed and i's have been dotted.

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