LED Face Illuminated Signs

Face illuminated letters and logos provide your brand with enhanced visibility both day and night. Our LED signs are custom manufactured using concealed internal illumination to fit your logo specifications or standard fonts available, so you don’t have to compromise on branding.

Face illuminated signs, sometimes referred to as channel letters, are three-dimensional signs made from aluminum, acrylic, and LED lighting. Many facilities use face illuminated signage on building exteriors, although it’s not uncommon to use them inside as well. For example, many retail shopping centers will have face illuminated signs inside the building for each store.

Benefits of an LED Face Illuminated Sign

Since these letters are often taller and internally illuminated, this type of sign is easy to read, offering great visibility at long distances and even at night.

The great thing about face illuminated signs is that each letter and logo can stick out, quite literally. The three-dimensional nature provides extra texture and visibility within the letters, allowing for increased visibility and readability. And since the letters don’t have to fit into a box or a screen, they typically aren’t refined to shape, size, or color—which means they can be read from most any scouted location.

Not to mention, face illuminated letter sets are cost-effective and low maintenance, especially when lit with energy-efficient LED lights.

Flexible Mounting and Installation

Just like the variety of texture, design, and lighting options available, you have choices for mounting your face illuminated sign: flush or raceway. Having multiple mounting methods at your disposal means that not you’re not limited to the constraints of the building structure. Essentially, you'll be able to put the sign wherever you want it.

The Grille House Led Sign

Flush Installation

This installation method individually mounts the letters directly to the building. Wiring for each letter passes through the wall and then is connected to the power supplies. In most cases, the wiring is installed above a drop ceiling or other hidden area inside the building.

white bear lake sports center led remote mount

Raceway Installation

This is commonly used when landlords or building owners are eager to limit holes in the wall or electrical access is an issue. Using a raceway mount, the letters are mounted to a fabricated aluminum box that is deep enough to house the wiring. This way, there is only one hole in the wall made for wiring to pass through. Depending on your requirements, the aluminum box may have clips welded to the top for mounting to the building, making installation easier.

First Resource Bank Raceway Letter Set

With so many options to choose from when creating your custom LED face illuminated sign, it’s important to work with a qualified professional sign company to help decide which product style and options work for your project.

Whether you have questions about fabrication, sizing, or mounting, our team is here to help.

I highly recommend Spectrum Signs for any interior or exterior signs.The product quality is outstanding and they are quick, efficient, and great at communicating through the process and helping us make sure the signs were compliant with our companies standards. I couldn't be happier and I am so glad we went with Spectrum signs.

Melissa Fink Apple Valley, MN


Having too many wayfinding signs can be
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