What to Expect From the Custom Sign Design Business

Custom designing your signage can help your business stand out. However, there are several factors to keep in mind when working with your local sign designers to achieve the perfect aesthetic for your brand that also fits local codes and other requirements.

Spectrum Sign Systems consultants perform an on-site survey to ensure an understanding of your location and needs. We perform a rigorous discovery process to create a well-informed design that's truly unique to your company.

From Concept to Manufacture

Our sign design experts use architectural software to create a clear vision of what your building, office or business will look like with new custom signage. Keep in mind that custom signage is an investment. With the right signage, you can increase foot traffic and entice customers to stop by and see what your business has to offer.

Our fabrication partners bring that concept to life. No detail is too small. Let’s look at the different elements of the design process.

Custom Signage Design Process

It all starts with an initial consultation to analyze the best solution in terms of design, fabrication, function, and installation for your business.

  • Design: Spectrum’s experienced designers work with you to create custom signage that will enhance your business and be attractive to prospective customers.
  • Size and Scale: We recommend a ratio of one inch for every 25 feet of viewing distance. This ensures that passersby and those driving by will be able to clearly read your sign.
  • Location: Custom signage design entails a lot more than creating an attractive sign. Size, lighting, placement other elements also determine the sign type that works best in your location.
  • Color: Your sign should accurately reflect your branding. So, if you have other signs or branding the-fillmore-sign-built-4-1schemes, mimic the same color pattern in your signage when possible. Ask your Spectrum specialist about how color affects mood and even how much your customers purchase.
  • Font: You should include your logo in your sign design. Other than that, choose a font that the average customer can read easily.
  • Engineering: Our staff includes engineers proficient in signage structures that are environmentally friendly and durable.
  • Printing: Customer signage can be painted on plastic, vinyl, acrylic, wood, glass, brushed aluminum. banners, plastic and vinyl.
  • Material: Choose a colorfast, durable material that can stand the test of time. While standing out is important, make sure the materials you choose are in line with customer expectations.

The most exciting phase is the installation. Crews that have many years of experience installing signage of all types, including interior signs and complex exterior signage, use cranes chains and anything else they need to complete a secure installation.

Advantages of Choosing a Local Sign Designer

You may wonder why it's important to work with a local sign designer. Besides convenience, there are other factors to consider when choosing your signage company. Spectrum analyzes your existing signage, electrical access, building sight lines, and any obstacles that will affect the visibility of your signage strategy.

A local sign manufacturer knows the city codes and understands the weather in your area. Spectrum, for example, has spent many years building relationships with city offices to ensure that we understand the requirements in the municipalities we deal with.

We also know the local communities and what signage resonates with its residents.

Spectrum Sign Systems, Inc. provides custom signage to clients in St. Paul, Minneapolis, and the surrounding communities. Whether you are a property or facilities manager, retail store owner or the facilities manager of a medical or financial institution, we can help you with your custom signage design. Contact us today to learn more about our sign design and installation services.

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