Types of LED Signs to Give Your Church Visibility

Churches aspire to share their message and bring people together. One of the best ways to achieve both is by having effective signage. LED signs give churches the ability to present their brand and reach out to the public 24 hours a day. They can be used to provide a comforting message, welcome guests, or inform people when the next service is taking place. While sharing all this information is important, visibility is the key. Here are some types of LED signs that provide excellent visibility.

LED Message CenterLED Message Center Pylon Sign

LED message centers are the best way to engage the general public. They can be used to display Bible verses, inspirational quotes, or events happening within the church. The distance that the message center is being viewed from is very important. High resolution screens are needed for close up viewing, while lower resolution is ideal for longer distances. Our team can help you determine which resolution is best suited for your church signs.


LED Halo Illuminated Letters LED Halo Illuminated Letters Church.jpg

LED halo illuminated letters are used when a subtle lighting effect is required. Because of the subtle lighting, the background on which the letters are mounted needs to be selected carefully. Situations where the background is brick, block, or other uneven masonry materials are not optimal for lighting. These tend to distort the light and create an uneven glow which makes visibility difficult at night. We recommend installing LED halo letters on stucco, concrete, and metal surfaces which are ideal for consistent and fluent illumination.    

LED Illuminated Monument Sign 

LED Monument Sign Church
I'm sure you've heard the phrase, "location, location, location". Well, with LED illuminated monument signs that's what it's all about. Placement of the sign is extremely important to its visibility. Typically they're placed at high traffic areas or near building entrances, which ensures they'll be seen. Of course everyone would like their sign as close to the road as possible. But with setbacks and property lines that isn't realistic. Working with the city is part of our process and helps us establish where the sign can be placed.
When taking factors such as location, attachment method, and viewing distance into consideration, LED illuminated signs are the perfect way to display your church's name. All of those factors affect visibility and play a role in the effectiveness of the sign. And when your goal is to reach out and bring people together, you'll want you're message to be recognized.   
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