How to Know What Type of Sign Would Benefit Your Business Most

There are so many different sign types. It can almost be overwhelming when deciding what type of sign to choose for your business.  Before investing the money, it's good to know what you want your custom business sign to accomplish for you.  Here are some questions to ask yourself when purchasing a custom business sign.  Are you looking to display your brand, provide information to the public, show building tenants or direct traffic?  

LED Letter SetsLED Face Illuminated Letter Set

Are you in an industry where both day and nighttime visibility is important?  Retail, medical and offices tend to get visitors during the day and at night.  It's important for your visitors or patients to be able to see their destination while driving or walking. 

If you're looking for more of an in-your-face sign, LED face illuminated letters are a great way to display a logo or business name.  They are bright, bold and great for viewing at a distance and close-up.  LED halo-illuminated letters bring a softer approach but are equally as effective.  A sharp visual appeal gives them a distinct look that will separate your sign from others.  

Freestanding SignsPylon Sign with LED Electronic Message Display

Freestanding signs are an excellent way to landmark entrances, display multiple tenants and showcase your brand close to highways and busy streets.  Pylon and monument signs are the two most effective types of freestanding signs.  Pylon signs are designed and placed so they can be seen from a distance.  They are often installed along busy roads and highways in order to reach a larger audience driving at higher speeds.  Since monument signs are lower profile, they are usually installed near the entrance of the business.  This way the sign is closer to eye level for motorists traveling at lower speeds.

LED Electronic Message Displays

LED Electronic Message Displays allow you to take a unique approach at branding and marketing.  With both full-color and monochrome options, you can choose the message you wish to display to the public.  Every industry has specific topics that can be promoted.  How could this be beneficial to your business? 

  • Retail: Promote sales, specific products or special events.
  • Churches/Schools: Event promotion, calendar updates, holidays or sporting events.
  • Medical: Highlight seasonal topics like flu shots, health reminders or pharmacy specials.
  • Financial: Showcase your low interest rates, promote savings accounts or investment opportunities.

So, do you know what it is that you want your business sign to accomplish?  This will help you have an answer to the type of sign would work best for you.  And if you're still having trouble finding an answer, that's why we're here!   Give us a call today!

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Patrick Woller

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Patrick is a Graphic Designer at Spectrum Signs, a custom business sign maker in Blaine, MN. After a call from his college placement office, Patrick joined the Spectrum Signs team in 2010. Patrick finds enjoyment in the unique challenges his job gives him through the use of out of the ordinary materials. When Patrick isn’t designing signs, he enjoys playing with his dog Willis, learning the guitar, and working on welding projects.