3 Multi Tenant Monument Sign Design Options

Maximize Your Tenants Visibility!

Think of multi tenant monument signs as a building directory on the outside of the building.  They typically list the building name, address and the tenants located in the building.  This sign type is generally used in retail locations, office buildings and industrial parks.  There are a few different design options for these signs.  Some of the sign designs fit better in a retail environment, while others work best in office or industrial parks.  

  • multi_tenant_monument_signUniform Color Faces with Standard Font

This type of monument sign is typically used for office buildings and industrial parks.  The use of a uniform color and font makes for a very readable sign.  All the tenants are on a level playing field, because you don't have competing logos and colors.  This also limits having a mixture of logos, fonts and colors on the sign.

  • Uniform Color Faces and Use of Logo

Retail stores often use logos in their signage because many of them multi_tenant_monument_signhave recognizable brands.   This option allows the use of logos but still has uniform face colors.  So, there is still the clean look with the same color faces, but the tenants are allowed to use their own branding.  This is becoming more popular because the tenants get the flexibility of using their branding.  It is an excellent idea when there are multiple signs around the property because it helps keeps a consistent look throughout the sign package.     

  • Full Color Logos 

multi_tenant_monument_sign_full_colorFull color logos in multi tenant monument signs are most often seen in retail settings.  The full color logos allow each tenant to display their brands and colors.  Most retail stores prefer being able to display their logos according to their brand guidelines because that is how they are recognized.  With all the colored logos, this type of sign tends to be brighter and more eye catching the the previous two options.  

So, which option best suites your property?  Something that is clean and balanced?  Or bright and full of color?   If you need help it determining what type of monument sign would work for you, give us a call today!

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