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Arguably the most important element of exterior hospital wayfinding signage is the visibility and location of the emergency information. The reason being, this information is most used during stressful situations. People are often in a hurry and if they are unfamiliar with the hospital, making a wrong turn could be a potential problem. This information needs to be clearly identified, legible and most importantly give a clear sense of direction.

st-francis-regional-medical-center-directional_sign-2.jpg LED illuminated monument sign with directional information.

Project Overview

St. Francis Regional Medical Center recently underwent construction involving the roadways surrounding the hospital. This construction changed the location of the emergency entrance as well as the main entrance of the hospital. We were contacted to provide a solution to these changes. The customer was looking for an updated design for the main identification monument signs as well as the introduction of new wayfinding signs within the campus.

Our Process

  1. We worked with the team at St. Francis Medical Center to identify the areas of the hospital which needed to be on the directional signs.  
  2. We identified the hospital's location by branding the signs with their logo. It needed to be visible so patients and visitors new they had arrived at their destination, but not dominate the sign, allowing the wayfinding information to read.
  3. The emergency directional information was the most important part of the signs. This was highlighted in translucent red vinyl so it is visible in both day and nighttime viewing.  It was also placed at the top of the directional portion of the signs for the best readability.
  4. The main entrance as well as some of the more prominent clinic entrances were identified below emergency. We only used necessary information on these signs to avoid potentially confusing situations. The only thing worse than having no signage, is having ineffective signage.


The Outcome

Customer satisfaction is extremely important to us. Because of the scope of the project, it was necessary for us to have an open dialogue with all parties involved.  Here is what Michael Morris had to say about working with Spectrum Signs.


Our goal in every project is to increase the visibility of your brand. If you are looking to increase your visibility or to help visitors navigate your campus, we're here to help!  



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