How Your Custom Business Signs Can Be More Environmentally Friendly

Going green is a fast moving trend in all sectors of industry from food production to cleaning services—the commercial signage industry included. The way that signs meet green regulations starts with using environmentally conscious raw materials and finishes. From ecologically friendly metals to powder coatings that are safe for the environment, more of these products are entering the market every year.

Spectrum Sign Systems, Inc. is excited to be involved in the booming green building movement. As an eco-friendly signage manufacturer that offers custom sign fabrication, we take our role very seriously.

Our Eco-Friendly Signage Commitment

Here at Spectrum, we are wholly committed to offering more environmentally safe materials. Thanks to the increasing technological advancements in equipment for producing man-made materials, you no longer have to trade off between performance and that eco-safe guarantee. Our materials include:

  • Low-voltage, long-lasting LED lighting
  • Eco-friendly plastics
  • Recycled and recyclable metals

In addition, we offer low-chemical and eco-safe solvents and sealants for finishing in our custom sign fabrications. By eliminating harsh chemicals and recycling our scrap materials, we are continuing to provide a green solution for the signage industry at-large.

LED vs. Fluorescent Displays

When choosing the best type of lights for environmental signage, your best bet is to upgrade to LED lighting. With LED lighting for signs, you save money in the long-run thanks to longer lasting light bulbs. You also save money on your energy costs with lower energy usage compared to fluorescent bulbs.

You can also get a rebate when you upgrade your fluorescent lighting to LED lighting, putting more money back in your pocket. Look into government rebates for LED lighting for your business to see if there is any availability in your area.

By choosing LED for your custom sign fabrication, you extend the life of your signage while benefiting from brighter lighting that also uses less energy and is cooler to the touch. It’s a win-win in sign lighting.

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Proper Waste Disposal

An often unconsidered aspect of manufacturing industrial signs is waste disposal. The way we dispose of scrapped raw materials, projects, and signs makes a huge difference in our overall environmental ethos at Spectrum Sign Systems. We work to prevent waste and water pollution by properly containing and removing all waste products and byproducts.

This includes properly recycling materials and products at our expense. We properly collect, label, and seal drums of waste that is then transported to a chemical disposal facility. These drums contain neon, fluorescent lamps, metal halides, and other electrical components.

Maintaining OSHA Compliance

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires all manufacturers to meet compliance regulations for workplace safety. These regulations include standards on handling and disposing of hazardous waste. This includes identifying any hazardous waste and creating safety guidelines for handling this material. In addition, we provide our employees with adequate safety training regarding waste disposal.

We also meet all of the OSHA compliance requirements regarding the safe installation of signs. This way we can combat one of the biggest reasons for workplace accidents: falls. By providing safety training, safety equipment, and safe workplace practices, we ensure our employees are able to exceed OSHA expectations for safety.

Along with safety regulations, we’re also concerned with meeting your local and state regulations for signage. For example, in the state of Minnesota, you have access to free resources from the Minnesota Sign Association. Another place you can visit for information on codes and regulations for signage is the International Sign Association.

Choose Spectrum for Your Custom Sign Fabrication Needs

When you choose Spectrum for your commercial sign manufacturer, you get more than just great signage for your brand. Our environmentally conscious signs will withstand the elements for years to come. Discover the pride we place in our signs as a full-service sign company with more than 60 years of combined experience in custom sign fabrication.

For more information about our eco-commitment and how we are reducing our environmental impact, contact Spectrum today. Speak with one of our signage experts about your custom sign fabrication goals and expectations for an eco-friendly sign. We can help take your ideas and transform them into an eco-conscious marketing solution for your business.

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