Custom Signs That Enhance Your Brand (Part 2)

Our previous post featured custom signs and how using different shapes can help enhance your brand.  In this next article we will be focussing on signs that use custom LED lighting to create unique looks.  

Signs with Custom LED Lighting

There are many different ways to use LED lighting to create custom signs.  It can be used to create different colors, patterns, effects or textures.  Below are a few examples we feel create unique effects that seperate themselves from typical signs.    

LED Halo Illuminated Custom Sign - Federal PackageFederal Package - Interior LED Letter Set

This is an LED halo-illuminated letter set fabricated out of brushed stainless steel.  The letters themselves are illuminated with white LEDs.  What really sets this letter set apart from others is that it is mounted on a textured wall.  The textured wall has colored LED lights at the top and bottom, which creates the effect shown in the photo.  The customer is able to change the color of the LEDs on the wall to create different color combinations, and in this instance it is in their logo colors.

LED Halo Illuminated Custom Sign - Olympus Medical

Olympus Medical - Interior LED Letter Set

This is another LED halo illuminated letter set fabricated out of brushed stainless steel.  This letter set has blue LEDs in the Olympus letters and yellow LEDs in the bar.  They wanted to be able to have their logo colors while still having the brushed stainless steel letters.  The LEDs are on a dimmer switch which allows the customer to control the brilliance of the lights.

LED Halo Illuminated Custom Sign - B3 Burger Bar

B3 Burger Bar - Interior LED Logo

This sign is fabricated out of aluminum and finished black.  It is LED halo illuminated with red LEDs.  The logo is mounted on a wall with an egg crate texture.  The wall texture almost creates a pixel or light bulb effect with the lighting.  If it was just mounted on a flat wall, it wouldn't look nearly as unique.

These are only a couple of examples of how LED lighting can create custom looks for signage.   If you are looking for different ways to enhance your brand with signage, contact Spectrum Signs today!  

Look for the final post in this series next week.  We will be featuring signs fabricated out of custom materials.  

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