4 Tips for a Successful Monument Sign Design

A monument sign is a freestanding sign that is usually seen at the entrance of an office complex or front lawn of a corporate headquarters. The purpose of monument signs is to be noticed; therefore, they are often bold and architectural. Some monuments are for single tenant usage, but at places like shopping centers they can advertise multiple tenants at the same time. For a monument sign to be effective at grabbing attention follow these tips to make sure you stand out from the crowd.

Woodlake Monument Sign 2-1Contrast

Using contrasting colors on a monument sign is one of the most important factors as it helps improve the visibility and legibility of the signs message. This is even more important because monument signs are often seen from a distance. Using an aesthetically pleasing blend of background and letter colors will help catch people’s attention and understand the message. Contrast doesn’t always have to be about color, using a bold font instead of a font with think strokes will also improve the contrast and legibility of the sign.

Park 81-3 - Monument Sign copySimplicity

The message on a monument sign should be clear, concise, and easy to read. The sign itself should not distract from the message but rather enhance it. Since most monument signs are seen by vehicle traffic, it is important that the viewer can digest the message in just a few seconds. Using large text, and keeping the message to a minimum is the best way to do this. Often times all you need is your company’s name, and sometimes your address or tagline. Signs with too much text will overwhelm the viewer and it will be lost in the clutter.

Arbor Lakes Business Park-2x3_900-1


Monument signs are an investment and you don’t want to have to replace it five years down the road. It is important that high quality materials like aluminum, steel, brick, concrete block, automotive grade paint, and high-quality LEDs are used in the construction of the sign. It can also be beneficial to match the materials, design, or colors used on the building. Since there is separation from the sign to the building it serves, this helps tie the two together and allows viewers make the connection.

Kinderberry Hill - Monument Sign Close-1Environment

The environment your sign will be placed in is important to consider when in the design process. Does the sign stand alone, or is it located near other signs in a busy shopping center? You don’t want your sign to blend in with the surrounding landscape or other signs. If this is the case, it is important that your sign has contrasting colors or design elements to stand out in its surroundings.

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