Looking Back At 3 of Our Top Custom Pylon Sign Designs

Pylon signs are designed to catch motorists' attention as they drive.  They are large structures that are usually installed 20-25 feet up in the air.  That way they can be seen from longer distances and at high speeds of travel.  They can also be called "pole signs" because it's quite common to see the sign just mounted on a pole.  There's nothing wrong with that, but adding accents, pole covers and/or aluminum caps can take your sign from ordinary, to something special.  Below we've highlighted a few signs we feel stand-out. 

Central Park Commons - EaganCentral Park Commons Pylon Sign.jpg

This is one of two custom pylon signs at the Central Park Commons development.  Both signs are dedicated to identifying the development as well as a few of the major tenants.  These signs were designed to give motorists driving down the two main roads in Eagan the ability to see the tenants listed.  By using routed aluminum faces and LED illumination, it gives the tenants great visibility during the day and at night. 

Preferred One - Golden Valleypreferred_one_pylon_night_480.jpg

This custom sign was designed around the re-brand of Preferred One.  We removed the old sign and created this pylon sign design along with several others, including monument signs and illuminated letters.  All signs tie together the new branding.  A pylon is required for their location because it faces a high traffic freeway in the Twin Cities.  All the surrounding businesses also use pylons for branding, so we wanted to design something that seperated Preferred One from the rest of the crowd.   

Radisson Road Baptist Church - Ham LakeRadisson Road Church Pylon Sign.jpg

This custom pylon sign design has a full color electronic message center to exhibit announcements to the congregation and surrounding community.  It also has a custom block base and aluminum cap to tie the design into the building.  This sign also has LED illuminated lighting with a routed aluminum face and digitally printed graphics to match the client's branding colors. 

The main goal of a pylon sign is to gather attention.  Having a massive sign is one way to go about it, but a well thought out design is a better way.  Have a project with a pylon sign in the works?  Give us a call today, we'd love to talk to you about it.

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