3 Types of Interior Signage Every Retailer Should Have

Custom signage is an important part of your branding. That doesn't just include the exterior signage that helps customers find your business, it incorporates everything from wayfinding messages within your store to ADA and exit compliance. Learn more about how your interior signs make every letter count for your retail location.

General Tips

The signs you choose need to appeal to your customers both in terms of the information they convey and the aesthetics of the signs themselves. Using your brand as the main inspiration, consistent signage helps you tie together the different areas or departments to achieve a polished look.

Customers and prospective customers will subconsciously associate the quality of your signage with the quality of your business. Here are some tips to help you achieve the results your business deserves.

  • Choose contrasting font and background colors
  • Select a clear font that's easy to read from a distance
  • Invest in quality materials to convey a sense of professionalism that customers trust

Types of Interior Signage Every Retailer Should Have


Wayfinding signage begins along the highway, continues in the parking lot of your shopping plaza or business park and finishes with clear directions inside your retail store. Also called directional signs, they help your customers navigate their way through the departments and aisles of your store. Even relatively small businesses should have signage that clearly identifies products and services so that customers can quickly find what they need.

You can use fun, festive interior signage to direct customers to items on sale or clearance. On a more practical note, interior wayfinding signs help customers find the restrooms, checkout counter, and customer service department. For retail locations with a lot of square footage or multiple levels, "you are here" maps can avoid customer frustration and confusion.

For example, a mother shopping with small children needs to be able to find the restroom quickly in an emergency and may become impatient and leave if it's difficult to find the items she's come to purchase. Helpful interior signage can make her day a lot easier.

Follow these tips to ensure your directional signage achieves the results you desire:

  • Make signs short and to the point
  • Ensure they are easy to read at a quick glance
  • Use large, bold fonts
  • Combine easy-to-read color schemes

LED Illuminated SignsHinckley Casino LED Face Letter Set

LED illuminated signs are a classic reinvention of traditional neon lights. LEDs last longer, are easier on the environment and convey an elegant, stylish look. Two popular styles include halo LED signs that outline the lettering for a halo effect that can be seen easily at night or in the dark, and custom LED signs can be used to incorporate your logo, use fonts that match your branding and take other design factors into consideration.

LED lighting ensures that your sign stands out in a busy mall or large shopping center entrance. Distinctive branding gives customers something that easily identifies your business and helps you stand out from competitors. Also, crisp LED lighting brings out the best qualities in metal, vinyl and other high-quality materials used to create your signage.

Interior Logo SignsMille Lacs Casino LED Sign

Interior signage with the appropriate lighting works well for both retail stores and professional offices. Medical, dental, and professional businesses rely on well-designed signs to help make their brand a focal point and win the customer or client's confidence. Once the brand signage is firmly established, the font color and style, and background can be used to tie in directional signage at your checkout counters and the entrance to your store.

Spectrum Signs is experienced in interior and exterior signage that creates a memorable brand image and clearly directs customers inside and outside your business. Talk to an expert today to discuss your signage needs.

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