How Your Business Location Factors into Outdoor Sign Design

When you are establishing your business, the location is the primary factor in all decisions you make for your company. Along with steady traffic flow, you also want a location that is ideal for signage. A poor view from the street will send customers in the wrong direction, so keeping your outdoor sign design and street signage functional and user-friendly is very important. After all, your goal with lighted outdoor signs is to attract customers and clients who are interested in using your services. Make your message clear to get the most return on your investment in signs for your business.

Types of Lighted Outdoor Signs

There are many different types of lighted outdoor signs to choose from for your business. We will conduct competitive research regarding specific sign types in your neighborhood to help you see what the competition is doing in terms of lettering, branding, and signs. We will compare and contrast them with your current design and determine how you can stand out from the competition but in a tactful and visually appealing way. This includes customizable pylon sign enhancements, using different techniques such as external lighting, Internal illumination, and LED electronic messaging.

We also have customized LED electronic message centers. These signage solutions allow you to display dynamic advertising. From a message board controlled by a computer program, you are able to update sign messaging in seconds. This saves your employees from labor and time spent on making manual changes to signage including sign parts and letters. 

Monument Signs for Businesses

Monument signs are another highly prominent type of signage that commercial enterprises tend to go for. This type of outdoor sign is well suited for businesses like retail stores, apartment complexes, and churches. You gain the classic look of monument signs with brick and stone placements. However, the use of modern materials and color schemes, along with your contemporary brand logo, creates an impressive display for a business in any industry.

Choosing a monument sign cabinet that is designed using all-natural materials is highly recommended. That’s why we avoid the use of imitation block and stone that has the cohesion to fit into the rest of your design. Whether you want to blend in with the landscape or stand out from the rest of the store signage, we offer everything from gooseneck lighting to LED electronic lighting. The goal, after all, is to make sure your sign is clear and visible for passersby’s and customers coming to your business.

Protect Against Distracted Customers

Whether you are situated in a commercial district or in a rural, remote region—streets get busy and drivers become distracted. This is part of factoring in the location of your business with outdoor sign design. Your goal is to maintain proper signage solutions so everyone can see where they need to go and get there safely. If your business is situated on a corner with a red light, you have a need for lighted outdoor signs that are bright and tall enough to gain attention.

At the same time, you must maintain proper height for municipal purposes and city laws. This is where using the professional sign design services by Spectrum Sign Systems serves you well. You are able to design and install lighted outdoor signs that are positioned well above the competition in all aspects, while still complying with city ordinances. 

Weather Sensitive Signage Solutions

Living in Minnesota and the Central Midwest you want to make sure your signs will stand up to blizzard conditions, sub-zero temperatures, and harsh summer sun and winds. We take this into consideration when recommending materials for signs so your business is visually appealing no matter what is going on in the sky. However, the weather can be unpredictable, so should anything happen, we have the tools and technicians ready to perform seasonal maintenance, emergency repairs, and reinstalls on demand.

If your goal is to have a truly one of a kind sign with a bold impact to ensure you get the most from your investment, let us help. Here at Signage Signs, we have everything you need to get established with commercial signage. Our team is ready to assist you with choosing the best design for lighted outdoor signs, contact us today!

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