Custom Signage Solutions for Leased Office Space

Many business owners think they cannot install their own office sign in a leased space, but that’s just not the case. Learn more about questions to ask before you select the best type of office signs for your leased corporate space.

Importance of Commercial Signage

A sign is the first impression that your future customers get of your brand. Your signage showcases your business name and logo, generating enough interest to get them to want to know more. In fact, on-premise signage offers the most potential for bringing in new customers.

If you lack signs or your commercial signage is out of date, what do you think this says to your customer base? More importantly, signs are informational and provide directions to your business. These signs show where you are located, which is especially useful in a bustling retail space or on a busy avenue.

Reasons Landlords Restrict Office Signs

Start the conversation of using commercial signage with your landlord. You should also refer to your lease agreement and/or contract to determine what rights or responsibilities you have for signage.

What happens if your landlord says that you can't have any custom office signs? Is this legal? Yes. There are certain restrictions landlords can make that are fully legitimate in a court of law. Here are some of the reasons why your landlord may not allow you to install an office sign according to your desire:

  • The location may be limited in space for office signs due to fire code regulations in an interior space, such as in an office building.
  • City restrictions and zoning codes may restrain the amount of signs or types of signs that can be posted, which is beyond the control of the landlord.
  • The landlord may have a professional purpose for capping the number of signs allowed in a leased space. This could be simply related to aesthetics and the overall vibe of the building or location.

Whatever the reason that your landlord has restricted the use of signage, you still have another option. You can attempt to negotiate. This is best accomplished when you sign your lease, not in retrospect, but it is possible when you resign your lease at a later date.

Be fully prepared to explain in detail and with supportive information why the use of an office sign is important to the success of your business. After all, your business’s success determines if you will be able to sign that lease for the coming period. To provide your business with all possible marketing potential, custom office signs are imperative.

Keep in mind you will most likely need to be flexible throughout the process and willing to give additional information upon request. However, when you go through the proper channels of speaking with your landlord, you will most likely be able to get your signage approved without much ado.

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Choosing Custom Temporary Office Sign Solutions

There’s a range of temporary custom office signs that let you transform your leased space into a branded business location.

Window DecalsHometown-Bank-Window-Graphics

One of the more popular options that offers a professional finish is window decals. You get the appearance of etched glass without the high price. More importantly, these decals are easily removed whenever you move to a new space. A simple, yet effective, advertising solution, window decals are a great way to provide vital information depending on your business needs, such as hours, current sales, and in-store events.

Digital Signage

Digital signs offer the ability to change your messaging in the most cost effective manner. It’s no wonder why so many business owners choose digital signage for lobby and waiting areas. You can easily update the information you provide to visitors, which is key to maintaining good customer service.

Standalone Wayfinding Signage

If you need to help direct traffic for an event, standalone wayfinding signage is the optimal solution. Assist visitors with navigating the area without depending on permanent and more costly signage.

Pop-Up Stands

A pop-up stand is a type of display that can be used as a banner stand or a display stand. You also have the option between portable, tabletop signs, roll-up signage, and backdrop displays. Make a powerful impact with these modular styles of displays (which are also perfect for double duty at trade shows) to affordably create a cohesive, large-scale temporary display.

Retractable Banners

From high-impression tabletop displays to full-size panels, retractable banners are quite effective in creating a marketing moment. Choose this economical solution for providing customers with the information they need in a stylish way—the perfect addition to any short-term display space.

Floor Graphics

Rethink how you approach branding with floor graphics. The flooring in your space is the ideal place to capture your customers’ unsuspecting attention and provide directions or information about special offers or current sales. Floor graphics are equally great for product marketing as you have the optical illusion of underfoot signage to play with here.

A-Board Signs

Also known as sandwich board signs, A-board signs, or A-frame signs, this is one of the most requested types of temporary signage. With a custom A-frame sign featuring your marketing message or vital business information, you have a portable, lightweight sign ready for any space (including outdoor environments).

When you’re planning a custom sign system for your business, but leasing your space, you still have many options to bring your branding to the forefront. Check out the advice from the International Sign Association regarding how to work with a local sign and graphics company and speak to one of our experts for more information about custom office signs.

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