5 Types of Monument Signs to Drive Customer Traffic

A monument sign is an architecturally appropriate signage for a building. If you are renting a space in a retail center or operating in an area with strict zoning code restrictions, you need to pay special attention to this type of signage. Monument signs add messaging to the exterior of a building in the view of individuals along the street. This ensures that everyone passing by can easily identify your company as a tenant of the building without distracting or reducing the value of the property.  

Types of Monument Signs

Architectural Freestanding Building Sign

If you are interested in the architectural style of monument signs but you lack a building structure, this is a solution. The architectural freestanding building sign is typically reserved for single-tenant buildings. This type of innovative monument sign is made from durable, lightweight materials that best match the style of the building. Facades can be made with brick, stucco, stone, wood, or other construction material. This makes for more economical options for businesses working on a budget. In addition, you can add illumination to this signage using an internal digital light or external flood lamp for night visibility.

Post Signs

For multi-tenant buildings, as well as single-tenant structures, post signs are another valuable option. Here you have the same choice of materials as with the architectural freestanding building signs. However, the difference is the signage is positioned between one or two poles. You can stay simple or go elaborate with post signs. For example, with this type of signage, you can design a carved and painted wood panel that accentuates an upscale luxury establishment. You could also use high-contrast color graphics on post signs to make messaging and branding pop.

Outdoor Wayfinding and Directory Signage

An outdoor wayfinding sign is most commonly found at multi-tenant buildings or business parks. Directory signage is often used by retail businesses that are restricted by zoning regulations. These regulations typically regulate the use of signage that steers from a centralized theme of the center or neighborhood. Illuminated or colorful signs are often the first to get nixed due to restrictions. However, it is important that your customers can find their way around your property, which is why you want to go with a professional sign company when customizing outdoor wayfinding and directory signage.

Illuminated Monument Sign

If you are a business that is open 24 hours a day, you must have clear visibility for your customers after dark. This is where illuminated monument signage increases safety and traffic for your company. For companies operating in a city or area that has issues with crime and theft, an illuminated monument sign can serve as a beacon for those looking for your business. Light up the neighborhood and bring positive attention to your business with a professional illuminated monument sign by Spectrum Sign Systems serving the Twin Cities. You can choose from simple internal lighting to floodlighting that is activated automatically. The signage includes brilliant and colorful digital signs as well. 

Digital Display Signage

A digital display sign is almost a requirement for any school, entertainment venue, or community-based business. You want to have signage that displays information that is important for a widespread audience. This includes a schedule of events or upcoming sales. The goal here is to share essential information with your community and target customer base, which helps build brand connection. The more frequently your target customers see your name and signage with opportunities that may serve them, the more they will develop a positive affection for your brand. The result is an increase in brand loyalty, which is essential for the longterm growth and success of your business. Digital display signage can also be used in a number of ways besides just events and promos. The ability to customize a digital display for signs allows you to choose these as a mainstay for most businesses.

How to Choose the Right Monument Signs

There are no right monument signs for every business. In fact, you will most likely benefit from the use of an architectural freestanding building sign, as well as digital display signage and wayfinding signs. The reason being that your business has many places where customers need to be redirected. Make sure they are heading in the right place—your company’s front door.

To get started with monument signage for your business, choose Spectrum Sign Systems, Inc. As a signage professional, we have the tools and resources to do everything from design to installation and maintenance of your outdoor and indoor signs. Contact Spectrum Sign Systems to request a brochure and quote on the variety of monument signage that is available in the Twin Cities and surrounding areas today.

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