4 Small Changes That Will Make a Big Difference in Your Exterior Building Sign

When is the last time that you updated your exterior building signs? Maybe it's something you've never given much thought, however, there are many benefits of upgrading your exterior sign. Building signage should match your branding and draw attention to customers to pull them into the business.

If your exterior signage is weather-beaten, shows signs of wear or is off-brand, it's not doing the work that it should for you. It's well worth the outlay of cash to represent your business in a professional manner so that your prospective customers develop trust before they walk through the door.

Let's look at some ways you can change your exterior building signs to reflect your business aesthetic as well as the sentiments of your prospective clients.

Exterior Sign Changes: Color

You can change the color of your signage to match your brand, support readability and grab attention.

Colors Should Align Your Brand

You no doubt have colors that you associate with your brand. When making exterior sign changes Make sure these colors play prominently in order to fit your brand and to promote brand recognition.

If you want your sign to act as a landmark, choose colors that pop and that customers will easily recognize. This is especially important if you work at a medical facility or hospital. Even if drivers are too far away to read the lettering, the colors will help them recognize your business location.

Colors Support Readability

The colors need to make the letters stand out and still be readable. Many people searching for your sign will still be far away. However, make sure the text color you choose stands out clearly against the background. For instance, pink text on an orange background is hard to read, and passersby can easily miss it. Because most people notice your sign from a distance, the text color needs to work against the background.

Colors Catch Attention on Building Signage

Exterior building signs with bright vibrant colors attract customers' attention and bring them into your store. The color scheme you choose communicates the feel you wish to express with your branding. This helps ensure that you are attracting the right customers to your doorstep.

Font Decisions Are Important

Here are some high-level tips for choosing a font:

  • Sans-serif is a simple style that's easy to read and ideal for when few words are needed to convey your message.graze_hanging-sign-1
  • Serifs are projections at the top and bottom of each letter. This style is really easy to read for large bodies of copy.
  • Script and Cursive styles look like handwritten messages. They give off a classy vibe. These are ideal for formal exterior building signage, such as a jewelry store or bridal shop would use.
  • Specialty style fonts are great when used correctly. This might include a headline like “Happy New Year” or “Happy 4th of July.”

Do You Need to Rethink Your Placement?

You don't always have a choice of where you put your sign. Sign criteria, leases and municipal requirements often determine that for you. However, if you do have any options, make sure to steer clear of buildings, trees and other obstructions that diminish the potential for people to see your exterior sign.

Drive past your business location and walk by it from several angles to get a feel for how visible your sign will be. A good rule of thumb is for every inch of height for your text you get an additional 25 feet of viewing distance.

Too Much Information—Leave Phone Numbers Off Your Signage

Putting website addresses and phone numbers on your exterior signage just takes up space without really giving you the ROI you need from your signage. It's better to use that space to increase the size of your company name and logo. People driving by are unlikely to remember the phone number. You can always put that information on your door or window using vinyl letters.

Hopefully, you have picked up a few tips to help you choose the color, font style, content and placement of your exterior building signage. Contact Spectrum Sign Systems to request a brochure and quote on the variety of exterior sign options that are available in the Twin Cities and surrounding areas today.

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