16 Business Sign Ideas for Creating Innovative Signage

The easiest way to grab the attention of your fast passing audience is through innovative outdoor signage. Leverage your branding by combining effective indoor signage with outdoor digital signage to increase your market reach and attract more customers. The key is to create a solution that best serves the needs of your customers. Here are more than a dozen ways you can do just that using signs.

Outdoor Signage Ideas

When planning and designing outdoor signage, take care to keep these tips in mind. For every 10 feet of visible distance for the customer, your lettering height should be one foot. For example, a sign that is visible from 30 feet would need to have letters that are three feet in height. Also take into account how fast traffic is moving around your location. Avoid cluttering up the area surrounding the signage. Trees, bushes, and other signage can detract your messaging. By choosing san serif fonts and bold or bright contrasting colors for your sign, you can further increase visibility from a distance.

Types of Outdoor Signage

Digital Signage

A digital or electronic sign allows you the greatest flexibility because you can program and change the message from a computer program. Personable and modern, digital signage also lets your company communicate more than one message from a single platform.

Directional and Wayfinding Signs

Directions are a necessity for any business. By providing directional and wayfinding signs on roadsides and inside buildings, you maintain safe traffic flow. The key here is to use bright brand colors to be visible from a distance. If your business location is hidden or hard to find from the street, directional signage is vital.

Cabinet Signs

Also known as wall signs or box signage, a cabinet sign is considered a more cost-effective form of outdoor signage. Using LED or fluorescent lightbulbs adds to the efficiency of cabinet signs. This style of lighting is easier to design and therefore scale for growing businesses. As an added bonus, cabinet signs are effective in low light environments.

Channel Letters

A channel letter is a three-dimensional individual letter that is most common among contemporary signage designs. Businesses typically use channel letters for storefronts to create a modern display. The signage also features built-in LED lighting and a combination of sizes, colors, and lighting effects. You can use channel lettering indoors, too.

Indoor Signage Ideas

Design your indoor signage with a different focus in mind. Here you want to avoid too many bright colors and graphics as this minimizes readability. Featuring too much info in a single sign is also a detriment to your signage. Here you should also identify whether you are creating indoor signage for a point of sale or a point of wait. A point of sale should use strong marketing words that attract the attention of the customers on a large scale. A point of wait focuses on giving the audience something to do while waiting in line.

Types of Indoor Signage

Persuasive Signage/Point-of-Purchase Signs

This type of signage persuades customers to make a purchase. Therefore, you want to feature persuasive signage and point-of-purchase signs throughout your store. Use this type of indoor signage for daily specials, in-store promotions, and reminders for returns and alternations.

Mats and Other Floor Signs

Floor signage is one of the most unexpectedly smartest marketing strategies. When walking people are so used to seeing branded signage in front of them. By placing the messaging on the floor using mats and other floor signs, you are able to encourage the flow of traffic toward particular areas. This can help you increase attention to certain products or displays to increase sales.

Window Lettering and Graphics

The use of vinyl and graphic window lettering creates a customized window display for your business. These types of indoor signage are also low maintenance. You can update your window graphics seasonally or with promotional opportunities in-store.

Wall-Mounted Logo Signage

A wall-mounted logo sign is on point with the channel letters you see more commonly used outdoors. However, with this type of 3-D logo signage, you are able to make your brand messaging pop indoors.

Choosing the Best Outdoor and Indoor Signs

Ultimately, your signage needs will vary based on your marketing and branding, as well as your budget and location. When choosing the outdoor and indoor signage for your business, let Spectrum Sign Systems, Inc. assist you. We are a professional full-scale sign design and installation company based in St. Paul and Minneapolis, MN. Let our team of sign developers work with you to create a customized solution for your business. Contact Spectrum Sign Systems today for a quote on services from a signage expert.

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